Welcome to Ms. Lonardo’s English class.  The purpose of this website is to create a one-stop location for all of your English class needs.  I have been teaching this course, Literature & Composition 1 as it is called in the program of studies, for the past nine years.  The goal of this class is to make you a smarter, more thoughtful person.  I hope that your experience in this class makes you think about the world in which you live and helps you develop a stronger ab

Ms. Lonardo & Tony

Me and my husband, Tony

ility to communicate with others in written and spoken word.

I have been a teacher at Lexington High School since 2007.  I am also a wife and a mother.  As one of my students, I am sure you will hear plenty about my boys, Parker and Riley who take up a great deal of my time outside of school.  They also happen to be totally adorable.
I grew up outside of San Francisco in a small town called Mill Valley, which is smaller but similar to Lexington in many ways.  I moved to Boston after attending Brown University, where I earned a degree in Comparative Literature and a masters degree in the teaching of high school English.  Needless to say, I read a lot of books while I was there.
Parker and Riley

Parker and Riley

I continue to read often and will probably push many different books on you over the course of our time together.  Please come borrow my books!  They line the walls of the classroom and they need your attention.

This course, which is unleveled, will focus on reading a wide variety of literary genres and analytical essay writing.  We will often work together and you can expect to participate in class daily.  We will also be working with iPads in the classroom on a regular basis.  I highly encourage you to visit the FAQ page of this website for some of the nuts and bolts expectations about the use of technology, course expectations, and grading.  You can also always send me an email if you need help or something is unclear!